Alpha Olefins

A range of highly linear terminal olefins formed by oligomerization of ethylene. Examples include 1-butene (C4=), 1-hexene (C6=), and 1-octene (C8=). A.k.a. NAO (Normal Alpha Olefins) or LAO (Linear Alpha Olefins). Alpha olefins are major petrochemical building blocks, which serve as polyethylene co-monomers and as reagents to form surfactants, plasticizers and additives. NAOs and NAO derivatives are used in a wide range of applications including: synthetic motor oils for jet engines and automobiles, synthetic lubricants, synthetic drilling fluids, additives for lube oil and the upstream oil industry, paper sizing, flavors, candles, PVC lubes, detergents, and a number of personal care items. Chevron Phillips Chemical is one of the largest producers in the world.